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I'm a young excited English teacher from Russia! I work for a company that provides different range of subject for children of school age to study, it's called UNIUM. I really love my workplace. When I first came to the office to apply for a job I thought it was some kind of organisation where they drink all sorts of happiness hormones with coffee in the morning :) they smiled, laughed, looked so happy all the time...and I'm now laughing, smiling and feeling happy when I'm at work too! I love the company I work for with all my heart, I've never seen such number of really great people getting together in one place before.

I'm at the very beginning of my teaching career journey and look forward to all kinds of new experiences in this field.

As for the journeys that I have already made (:

  • I study English, Spanish and Chinese. I'm eager to start learning French and/or Arabic at the moment, but I think English and Chinese will still remain my favourites
  • I spent one of the greatest years of my life in America, in the USA, in the country where many dreams come true=) I fell in love with the USA and all these tensions between America and Russia hurt me now a lot. To all those who are ready to open their minds and hearts I want to say - in all the nations that exist Americans and Russians are the most similar to each other. Maybe if you've been to either of these countries as a tourist for a week or so it was hard to notice this similarity. But I lived in the US for 9 months, attended school there, lived with a host family that has become a real family for me. My mommy Holly, my daddy Conrad, my sis Cyd and bro Gene, and little niece who I haven't seen yet unfortunately...they are the part of my life, people that I will always love no matter what politicians of our countries have to say. And throughout those 9 months I understood how close our nations are - our values, kindness.. I hope one day these politicians will shut up and let us, Russians and Americans decide on our relationships ourselves - and they'll be wonderful.
  • I love playing table games that's why my children at the lessons have to play them too=) they all have English study purposes as well, of course))
  • I have a dream of having an apartment (better house of course, but that's a bit later) with my beloved one of our own and being able to decorate it and design the way that will make us feel "yeeaaah....home...sweet home"
  • I love root beer, but we don't have it in Russia. MUG root beer and my daddy Conrad's pizza are the best things I tried in America.
  • I like Chinese cuisine a lot - spicy, hot mmmmm :) If you ever go to China - try this dish of sour-sweet chicken or pork with pineapples and rice (can't remember it's name right now)
  • I never studied in any music school, but I learnt to play piano a bit through youtube tutorials and Moonlight Sonata is my favourite
  • I still like watching Disney cartoons and my favourite book is The Chronicles of Narnia. I hope I won't loose this inner child that enjoys childish stuff in me
  • I believe in God, therefore I believe in miracles and wonders that our world is actually full of. We just need to let them in.
Wow, that's enough about me! I want to hear about you, dear readers! Please write me what you feel like writing :)
And I'm always open to your letters, questions, requests, suggestions or whatsoever. If you want to visit Moscow and have a chat with its citizen or ask for a tour or suggestion of a route to follow you are welcome! If you're studying English and want to ask something or just to chat to have some practice - you are welcome!
alisa.forenglish@gmail.com (:

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