Wednesday, 18 June 2014

It's been in my mind for quite a while - to start my blog, my t e a c h e r blog. Wow, that word - teaching - being a huge and amazing part of my life is rather surprising to me as well as to many of my friends. I never dreamed of becoming a teacher, never talked about it when I was a pupil myself (remember, how 1/3 of the class wanted to be teachers, another 1/3 actors, and another 1/3 - singers. Well it was like that in my school).

But now I loooove it! I feel that teaching is something I can't live my life without. I love the subject I teach, love children I teach, love the very essence of teaching.
I've been teaching for a year and a half now and still have so so so much to learn, and I look towards it (learning new things about teaching) with great excitement in my eyes.

I hope that this blog will do 4 things for me:
1) help me to develop professionaly (as I will analyse and share my experience)
2) help me to interest my students
3) connect with my collegues all other the world
4) store my plans, printouts, ideas and so on.

Oh, and yes,
My name is Alice, I'm from Russia, recent economic faculty alumna (so happy I  understood that economics is not for me) and a teacher who adores the company she works for. UNIUM - Federal net of educational centres in Russia, where children are loved, employees are highly appreciated and continuous development is in great value. I'm so greatful that I work there.

Let the fun of blogging begin =)

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