Thursday, 29 January 2015

Reading The Defining Decade by Meg Jay. Intro + Chapter 1 of Part 1. Job

To make my reading more effective I decided to give some feedback on chapters from the books that I read and provide a final review when I finish.
So today I started reading a New York Time's bestseller which has been translated to dozens of languages and has reaped glory all other the world for being "excellent" and "just the right book for people of 20-30". It's The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter And How to Make the Most of Them Now ( Amazon link here) by Meg Jay.

To start with, I'm enjoying the book so far (so far means about 60 pages) and it can be definitely called inspiring and thought provoking, as quite often I found myself thinking Hmm I want to reread those paragraphs. To get better understanding, you know, so that some things settle in mind better.

Anyway, for starters I'd like to start with listing key points/main ideas (or at least those points that appeared to me to be such) of those two parts that I've read.

Intro. Living in the real time.

  • The meaning of all the open doors in front of you when you are 20 is overestimated. Young people of that age are waiting for great opportunities and roads ready to take them anywhere they want, however no one has warned those young men and women that it's hard to make decisions, make choices, explore and grab the opportunities. Young people face problems of unemployment, unpaid rents and loans that nobody told them about. It's like they are thrown into the ocean of opportunities and they can swim in any possible direction. However there's no land to be seen so they don't know where to swim to. There's great instability in their life in that period, which causes huge stress, depression.
  • Those who are in their 20s now are not taken seriously. They are called "pre-mature", "grown up children", "young adults" or even "not yet adults". They would like to tackle serious matters and be treated like grown ups, but really few people want to discuss important issues with them and find out their opinion.
  • The 30s aren't the new 20s. Well, first of all, we can't expect our 30s to take care of everything we didn't have time to do and complete when we were 20. We can't put away life decision, career choices and stuff as important as these for later. Secondly, when you are 30 you have less strength and potential to do certain things. Making no choice is also a choice.
  • Parents of those who are in their 20s now were in too much hurry to live which left them with getting married and getting a job early. So now they advice their children to take their time (or children just see their parents' example and do not want to repeat their way of living) in such matters as career development and family building.
  • Young people in their 20s spend time carelessly. They know that there's a whole life ahead of them (and it's full of great things waiting just for them of course) and they waste their time.
  • Time period from 20 to 30 is the real time that needs to be lived through reasonably, for a proper purpose, in a benefiting way. It's the most important part of our lives as it's exactly this period when we meet people crucial to our ideology and mind set shaping and when we make life changing choices.

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