Monday, 9 February 2015

12 week year №1. Week 1.

So here I am, finishing up The Defining Decade, planning to write a review on it while I haven't even written any review on The 12 Week Year yet. Plus I'd like to share some notes and ideas concering my first lessons with new groups, which happened yeasterday and today. And it's already 1:30 a.m. So I'm a bit confused whether I should go to sleep and deal with all the blog entries in the morning or stay and deal with at least one right now :)

Well let's follow the advice of not putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. Besides reflecting on a week achievements is probably more logical on Sunday than on Monday.
First a few words about the 12 week year system. It's a time-management approach, which supposively enables you to be more effective and reach your goals. As it's described on the official website (link here) and in the book which I had a great pleasure to read (amazon link here and Russian version link here), people tend to draw plans in January, very inspiring
month, the beginning of the year and put off their realization till December, when it's already impossible to learn a new language to A2 level, loose 15 kg, go to gym and so on. So instead of year planning, the authors suggest that we should make plans for the following 12 weeks and set goals that can be achieved within that time period. You treat 12 weeks like a year now. This period is not too short to set ambitious goals, and what's more important it's not too long to let you procrastinate. If you imply this system, you are going to have a New Year every 12 weeks. Every 12 weeks you are going to look back and five yourself a detailed feedback on what was effective and successful and what can be improved. The authors even suggest to take a small vacation after each 12 weeks so that it feels like real New Year to you.

The 12 week year results are achieved thanks to scrutinuous weekly planning and estimation. 1 week is your new 1 month now. And with such pace - yeah, you better hurry up. Now, I must confess, that I've been really bad with keeping up with set goals and standards this week. I'm going to count the effectivness rate now and oh I hope that the low results will motivate me to try harder next week =)

12 week year, week 1 results

Selfdevelopment (piano, dancing, reading) - 33%

Personal effectivness development (planning skills, maintaining the house) - 35%

Studying (University) - 0%

Work and professional development (work duties, extra activities for prof.development, special courses and trainings, new methods implementation, professional effectiveness) - 50%

Health and beauty (diets, personal care, healthy habbits) - 59%

Family and friends (relations improvement, time devoted for family and people i love) - 75%

Overall week effectivness: 40%

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