Sunday, 19 April 2015

Waking Up With The Sun

Good morning to everyone!

Sun is hiding behind the building. But it's there.
And it's the most important thing :)
I want to share something beautiful with you today. It's been 6th day now (with one failure in the middle) that I'm waking up with the sunrise. It sounds really crazy to me! Such an owl, a sleep-in person I am! I have always had troubles with waking up in general. And now I feel like I'm a bird that wakes up with the Sun and flatters with smile and joy.

All this became possible thanks to two awesome young ladies :)
We decided to do a marathon and wake up with the sunrise every morning for 40 days in a row. As we wake up and watch the Sun going up we do some special physical exercises, more like stretching or gymnastics I should say.. I don't know for sure though if the word gymnastics in English has the same second connotation.
If we fail to keep the promise, we are to buy flowers for our mums :)
And another great routine that we've established is taking photos to show each other the sunset at our places.
And this is when it comes to smth beautiful to share with you. Today's sky was amazing. And inspiring.

These are the flowers I bought
for the day I failed to wake up in time
I am grateful for the fact that I have our sunrise team. And well I've been trying to write this post for three days now, and since then I've had two more failing days due to being seek and conscious understanding that that day I needed more sleep. And here is the thing - although I failed, I know that I can do it. I can move on and proceed. If I was doing it alone, I doubt I would have strength and motivation to continue after having skipped two days. But now I know that the girls are waiting for me, and tomorrow I will post a new sunrise photo to our chat :)

Besides that, I am determined to start walking in the morning. See that picture with the Sun hidden behind the building? I am gonna get moving and find a place to watch the Sun rising for real. I've taken one unsuccessful attempt already :D it was cloudy that day and 10 minutes after I went out it started to rain. But! It was a great walk nevertheless - fresh air, empty streets, I even found this nice piece of art between some houses, which was really nice, like a discovery =)
When you see such a sky
in the morning,
you just can't help smiling
and feeling awesome =)

I really enjoy our marathon and now I even know that I'm strong enough to keep up with it. I'm sure I will write an enthusiastic feedback when it's over.

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